WaterP1MeterKit V2


Measure your real-time energy and/or water usage in Home Assistant

Easily connect the kit via WiFi or Ethernet with PoE support. Gain real-time insights into your energy and/or water consumption, fully integrated with Home Assistant and DSMR Reader. Monitor your electricity, gas, and/or water usage and visualize trends by hour, day, month, or year. The kit also measures the temperature and humidity in the respective room. Everything you need for a complete picture of your consumption and living environment, without cloud dependency or monthly subscription.


Discover the WaterP1MeterKit: A meticulously handcrafted Dutch creation, fully developed and designed to meet your needs.

Specifically designed for Home Assistant & ESPHome: The Water Meter Kit is specially designed to seamlessly integrate with Home Assistant & ESPHome.

Convert your analog water meter to a digital version.

Make the transition to digital with the Water Meter Kit: Convert your analog water meter and get real-time insights into your water usage. Monitor precisely how much water you use in daily activities such as bathing, hand washing, and showering."

Washing Machine
Garden Irrigation
Swimming Pool
Kitchen Faucet
Bathroom Faucet
Garden Hose

Home Assistant

Make your DSMR meter even smarter and more insightful.

Upgrade your smart home with the P1MeterKit. Get a complete digital overview of both your electricity and gas consumption by reading your DSMR meter with our kit. Monitor precisely how much electricity and gas you consume during daily activities, such as running the washing machine, dryer, using lighting, the heat pump, and more.

Washing Machine
Heat Pump
Electric Kettle
Bike Charger
Electric Heating Boiler
Electric Car

Home Assistant

DSMR Reader

Fast and Easy Installation

Easily place the WaterP1MeterKit and integrate it with most existing smart energy meters with a P1 port, as well as analog water meters from well-known brands like Actaris, Elster, Honeywell, Itron, and Sensus.

With a simple step, attach the provided adapter to your water meter. The energy meter should have a P1 port and DSMR/ESMR 5.0 support. Simply connect the included RJ12 cable to this P1 port. Then, connect the WaterP1MeterKit via Ethernet (with possibility for power through PoE) or Wi-Fi, after which Home Assistant will automatically and seamlessly detect and integrate the device.

Check the list below to see which water meters and energy meters are compatible with our WaterP1MeterKit. It's important to note that Elster may also be found under the Honeywell brand, and Itron may also fall under the Actaris and Schlumberger brands.

Compatible water meters

Is my watermeter compatible?




Compatible energy meters

Is my energy meter compatible?


Accurate Energy and Water Monitoring with Smart Automations in Home Assistant

Enhance your Home Assistant with a powerful and seamless integration that monitors both your energy and water consumption. With our WaterP1MeterKit, which can be connected via Ethernet and PoE support, you gain real-time insight into your current energy usage and water consumption in liters per minute. Analyze and compare your energy and water usage over days, weeks, months, and years. Not only can you track your consumption live as devices are activated, but you can also set up advanced automations based on both your energy and water consumption. Thanks to the Home Assistant Energy Dashboard, you'll always stay informed about your consumption data and can easily review it.

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"The WaterP1MeterKit has exceeded my expectations! In a market filled with smart devices, this product truly stands out as unique. The fact that I can measure both my energy and water consumption with a single device is fantastic. The Ethernet connection ensures stable data transfer, and thanks to the PoE feature, I don't have to worry about additional wiring for power. The whole system is seamlessly integrated into my Home Assistant. A brilliant addition to my smart home!"
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Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is the WaterP1MeterKit?

The WaterP1MeterKit is an advanced device that monitors your water consumption and reads the P1 port of your smart energy meter, giving you insights into your total energy and water usage. You can choose to measure only your water or energy consumption, or both simultaneously. If you are looking for a P1MeterKit with Ethernet and PoE support, or a WaterMeterKit with Ethernet and PoE support, the WaterP1MeterKit is the ideal solution.

Can I monitor both my water and energy consumption in real-time?

Absolutely! The WaterP1MeterKit provides real-time insights into both your water and energy consumption. You can choose to measure only your water or energy consumption, or both simultaneously. If you are looking for a P1MeterKit with Ethernet and PoE support, or a WaterMeterKit with Ethernet and PoE support, the WaterP1MeterKit is the ideal solution.

Is the WaterP1MeterKit compatible with all smart meters and water meters?

The WaterP1MeterKit is designed to fit most common analog water meters and smart meters in the Netherlands. For a complete list of compatible meters, please refer to our website.

How do I install the WaterP1MeterKit?

Place the supplied adapter on your water meter and connect the P1 cable to your energy meter. Then connect the kit to wifi or ethernet, and Home Assistant will automatically detect the device.

What software is required for the WaterP1MeterKit?

The kit integrates seamlessly with Home Assistant, allowing you to monitor and manage all your consumption data.

How does the ethernet and PoE support of the WaterP1MeterKit work?

The WaterP1MeterKit can be connected via Ethernet for a more stable connection. PoE (Power over Ethernet) is built-in, which means you only need to install the Ethernet firmware and it will work immediately. Using PoE, it is possible to transmit both power and data through a single UTP cable, making the installation more stable, simpler, and tidier. If you prefer to power the device via a power adapter, you can purchase the required USB-C adapter set from our webshop.

Can I receive notifications for notable consumption patterns?

Yes, in combination with Home Assistant, you can set up notifications for specific consumption peaks or other parameters.

Are there recurring costs associated with the WaterP1MeterKit?

After purchasing the kit, there are no monthly fees. You only need an active Home Assistant installation.

How does the WaterP1MeterKit ensure the safety and privacy of my data?

Your privacy is crucial to us. All data is only transmitted and stored within your own network unless you choose to share it with external services, we do not use any cloud service.

Technical Specifications

Connection to Water and Energy meter
- Water meter: Direct connection with a universal holder for mounting the water sensor on the 1-liter metal indicator of the water meter.
- Energy meter: RJ12 port for direct connection to DSMR compatible energy meters.
Network connection
- Wi-Fi IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4 GHz), supports WPA/WPA2 security.
- Ethernet connection with support for Power over Ethernet (PoE) for a direct and stable network connection.
Data transfer
- Water consumption update interval: Every 1 liter.
- Energy consumption update interval: Every second for real-time insight.
Physical Dimensions of the Kit
92 x 47.5 x 26.5 mm
Cable length
- RJ12 cable for energy meter: 2 meters.
- USB-C cable for power: 3 meters.
- Sensor-to-kit cable for water meter: 3 meters (not removable).
Power supply
- USB-C port for power supply (5V, 1A) with included European USB adapter.
- Alternative power supply possible via PoE for an integrated solution without additional power cables.
Operational Classification
IP20 (suitable for indoor use).
Temperature range
Operational from -10 °C to +40 °C.
Compatible with DSMR versions 4.0 and 5.0 for energy meters and with all common water meters as indicated on our website; if in doubt, contact us.
Fully integrated with Home Assistant, support for firmware updates (OTA) for continuously improved functionality.
- Universal holder with screws for easy installation on the water meter.
- Quick Start Guide